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4K Relax nature, Beautiful River Village in Indonesia

Salira TV – 4K Relax nature, Beautiful River Village in Indonesia.

This is a very beautiful place, pristine natural, not much touched by human hands.

The location is in Ciamis Regency, West Java, Indonesia, which is close to Mount Sawal Ciamis.

For those of you who crave the serenity of nature, this place is suitable to be an option in your meditation activities or just to reminisce with past lives that are a lot of blending with nature.

Location : Wisata Alam Cireong Park. Alamat: Sukaresik, Kec. Sindangkasih, Kabupaten Ciamis, Jawa Barat 46261.

Date : 31 December 2021

Contributor : Siska Febriani

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